Hundreds of yeast strains can be selected and screened for growth characteristics. For example, this strain was the only one of 300 strains screened for the ability to grow on an agricultural biomass. The type strain of this species, which is the only strain available from the American Type Culture Collection, did not grow on this substrate.

Contract Screening Policies

Researchers searching for a yeast strain with a particular property or activity often have no other option but to purchase or isolate large numbers of strains themselves.  This costly and time-consuming step can be avoided by utilizing the contract screening service offered by the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection.

In recent years, over 1,000 yeast strains have been screened for a number of industrially or biologically important properties, including the presence of a particular enzyme or enzyme family, pigment, or ability to grow under restrictive conditions.  Screening protocols performed at the Phaff collection range from simple plate  or colorimetric assays for enzymatic activity, to PCR screening for a particular gene utilizing primers supplies by the customer.  Our growing bank of genomic DNA preparations currently contains over 700 strains, including over 300 different yeast species, and can be screened in-house for the presence of a particular gene of interest.

If your company has a branch in California, you may be eligible to obtain matching funds for your screening project from the University of California Discovery Grant program.

Contact culture collection personnel for details of screening policies and assay conditions available.

The Phaff Collection has a bank of over 1,000 genomic DNA preparations representing hundreds of yeast species, including over 100 strains of S. cerevisiae. These can be screened for presence of novel forms of enzymes and enzyme families.




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