Unique Strains

Public yeast culture repositories such as the USDA-NRRL collection, ATCC and CBS commonly receive type strains and other industrially and academically important strains from hundreds of depositors.  Hence there is a great deal of overlap in holdings among these collections.  However, the Phaff collection stands apart from these important global repositories.  Since it is the research collection of one of the most important yeast microbiologists of the 20th century, roughly 80% of the strains in the Phaff collection are not available from any other source.  The unique contents of the collection are truly remarkable.  For example:

World map featuring areas of research which have contributed to the collection
Red stars: source of yeasts isolated by Phaff.  Yellow stars: source of
yeasts isolated by Boundy- Mills.



Phaff Yeast Culture Collection
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