Citing Strains in Publications

  • How do you spell Phaff?
    It’s Phaff. (Not Pfaff.)
  • How do I cite the Phaff collection in publications?
    Call it the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection, University of California Davis. The collection’s official unique identifier is UCDFST. (Don’t call it PYCC – that is the Portuguese Yeast Culture Collection. And don’t call it UCD, that is the Wine Yeast and Bacteria Collection at UC Davis.)
  • How do I cite Phaff collection yeasts in publications?
    The proper format for any microbe strain includes, in this order, the genus, species, official collection identifier, and strain number, for example Phaffia rhodozyma UCDFST 67-210. It is important to include the collection identifier because there may be a different yeast strain with the same ID number in another yeast culture collection.
  • How do I cite Phaff collection yeasts when I deposit DNA sequences in GenBank?
    The collection identifier UCDFST is already registered in the NCBI BioCollections Database. The NCBI format inserts a colon and no spaces between the collection identifier and the strain ID number, for example Phaffia rhodozyma UCDFST:67-210.
  • Is the Phaff collection listed in any collection registries?
    Yes, it is collection number WDCM 888 in the World Data Centre for Microorganisms, operated by the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC). The Phaff collection participates in the Global Catalog of Microorganisms, also operated by WFCC, which combines the microbial strain catalogs of 133 microbe culture collections from 50 countries into one giant catalog.