Yeast cultures are distributed to academic and industrial researchers around the globe for diverse study topics such as ecology, yeast taxonomy and classification, genomics, regulation of enzyme expression, conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to value-added products, carotenoid synthesis, biological control of fungal plant pathogens, spoilage yeast biofilms formed during beverage production, and production of mycotoxins, to provide reference strains for microbiology teaching labs, research on beer, bread and wine, and as sources for industrial enzymes, pigments, and nutraceuticals. Distribution is supported by user fees charged  to cover costs of sample preparation, shipping, and handling. 

1. Cultures 
Users of the collection are charged the following fees to cover the cost of sample preparation, shipping and handling:


If paying by check

If paying by credit card

If paying by wire transfer

Not-for-profit institutuions such as universities, government agencies

$100 per strain for first 10 strains; $75 per strain for additional strains

Add 5% processing fee

Add your bank’s wire transfer fee

For-profit institutions

$150 per strain

Add 5% processing fee

Add your bank’s wire transfer fee

2. Identification service 
We offer strain identification service utilizing ribosomal (D1/D2) sequencing. Cost for all clients is $100.00 per sample for the standard turn-around time (up to three weeks), or $150.00 per strain for identification in one week. Strain MUST be provided as a pure culture, and must be a yeast. This service includes PCR amplification, sequencing in one direction (both directions if necessary), and BLAST comparison to all published yeast species, as well as our extensive database of unpublished yeast species. 

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