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"I heart yeast" yeast art image
"I Heart Yeast", made by student Lauren Enriquez, 2016

Your gift can help support the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection, one of the largest public collections of wild yeasts in the world, with over 7,500 strains belonging to 1,000 different species, including upwards of 200 novel species.

These yeasts are used by academic, industry and government agency researchers for basic studies (ecology, taxonomy, comparative genomics) and applied studies (food ingredients, biofuels, fine and bulk chemicals).

Your gift enables us to maintain the yeast collection and database, upgrade lab facilities, train students, and share our love of yeast with the world through outreach programs.

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"Yeast bouquet" yeast art image
"Yeast Bouquet", made by Kyria Boundy-Mills, 2018; inspired by Picasso



A big "Thank You" to our donors!  


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