Yeasts from the Phaff Yeast Culture Collection Can Convert Almond Hulls to Higher Value Products

The Phaff Yeast Culture Collection was highlighted in a recent blog piece by Andy Fell of UC Davis News and Media Relations. A recent publication by Phaff collection curator Kyria Boundy-Mills and collaborators demonstrated that yeasts can consume most (but not all) sugars in degraded almond hulls and increase the protein content, for potential use in animal feed.


The Phaff Yeast Culture Collection is participating in the 11th annual UC Davis Biodiversity Museum Day on Saturday February 18, 2023. The yeast displays and activities will be open from 10AM to 2 PM at the Robert Mondavi Institute Brewery, Winery and Food Processing facility. Come explore the exhibits about yeast, hear about the latest discoveries from the Phaff collection, and tour the teaching winery and brewery.

NSF Award Press Release

GREAT NEWS: The National Science Foundation is funding the transfer of a collection of 6,000 yeast strains from the University of Western Ontario to UC Davis! This will ensure preservation of this endangered yeast collection, expand the range of yeast species and strains in the Phaff collection catalog, and will make these yeasts and decades of characterization data available to the scientific community for the first time.